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Undeniably, Pegeia is a remarkable part of Cyprus. Specifically, this is a new municipality of Paphos since it was declared as a municipality in 1994. Noteworthy is the fact that Pegeia is recognized as one of the largest municipalities in the area of Cyprus, as the region covers 4.552 hectares. The administrative area of Pegeia reaches north to the Gulf of Lara and south to the manor of Potimon and the Mavrokolymbos dam.

Regarding the geographical location of Pegeia, this is quite favorable. Only 15 km away from the center of Paphos and close to the beautiful Akamas, is a report point not only for the locals but for foreign residents as well. The fact that the village is rooted in the slopes of a mountain and built at an altitude of 200 meters, allows the enviable panoramic views both to the west coast of the island and toward the center of Paphos. Moreover, the combination of mountain and sea and the mild climate of the region is unparalleled advantage.

On the one hand, there is the deep blue sea that surrounds the beautiful rugged coastline, the exotic green bananas, colorful citrus fruit, vineyards and almond trees, the wild beauty of carob and olive trees, and on the other hand, raises the forest with shady pines, cypresses and shrubs. In the area also there are cultivated various types of vegetables that include mostly potatoes, melons, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and artichokes. The small national forest Meleti, as well as much of the national forest of Pegeia falls within the administrative boundaries of the village. Thus, the unique touches of nature, give the residents an inexhaustible source of vitality and serenity.

Main occupation of the residents is first and foremost tourism and then, agriculture and livestock. The area of banana plantations in the region in 1985 amounted to 119 hectares and it was not only the largest of Paphos area but also in the whole of Cyprus. Apart from agriculture livestock and especially goats was developed greatly. In 1985, 2.073 goats, 2.832 sheep, 60 pigs and chickens 1.690 fed. However, today there is greater emphasis on tourism and services. Pegeia, because of the beautiful green landscape, amazing beaches and remarkable archaeological sites, began in recent years to develop tourism. The focus of tourism is the area of Coral Bay.

No doubt, the arrival of tourists, who come mainly from Great Britain, has given impetus to a multitude of restaurants, traditional taverns, leisure centers, hotels, resorts, villas, etc. that promise visitors, foreign and local, a comfortable stay in the enchanting area. On the other hand, residential development continues apace whereas the tourism industry and the service sector rally their forces with main goal the further improving of services quality.

Pegeia can be described as a cosmopolitan area since the people who were not born in Pegeia outweigh those who are born in the township. The climax of the patchwork of local and foreign element is the participation of EU member in the municipal council, after the municipal elections of 2006, when a foreign resident was elected for the first time in Cyprus.


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