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The Municipality of Peyia is currently participating in FUPOL – a scientific research project funded by the European Commission’s FP7 ICT work programme.

What is FUPOL?

FUPOL (Future Policy Modelling) aims at a completely new approach to traditional politics. Major innovations, like multichannel social computing and crowdsourcing, will change the way politicians communicate with citizens and enterprises, and take decisions. The system will be able to automatically collect, analyze and interpret opinions expressed on a large scale from the Internet. This will enable governments to gain a better understanding of the needs of citizens. Likewise, the software will have the capabilities to simulate the effects of policies and laws and to assist governments in the whole policy design process. For more information you can visit www.fupol.eu

Social Media Networks

As one of the pilot cities in the project, the Municipality of Peyia has set up several social media sites for citizens and tourists to participate.


Your Opinions

The municipality is taking part in two campaigns where citizens and tourists are able to express their opinions, both positive and negative, on several issues. Whether you are a citizen or a tourist, you can click on the links below, sign in to your Facebook or Twitter account, and then leave your comment, suggestion or opinion by right-clicking on an area on the map. The goal is to collect and consolidate the most popular expressed opinions to help:

1.            Improve the facilities/services provided in the Coral Bay area and Peyia in general.


2.    Promote Yeronissos Island as an archaeological attraction without harming the landscape or affecting on-going excavations.


FUPOL Participants

The FUPOL consortium consists of 18 partners from 9 countries and comprises innovative multinational companies, leading research institutes, high-level political organizations as well as strong pilot partners. It has a good balance of research partners, IT-industry partners, governmental partners and political cluster organizations capable to ensure wide-spread dissemination and exploitation. The project also has potential to generate a huge impact in Europe and beyond. 

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